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    Porsche Design

    In 1963, Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the legendary Porsche 911. Almost 10 years later he embarked on a mission that drives us to this day - to build up a company that carries the "Spirit of Porsche" beyond the borders of the automobile and Creating a new style world for discerning men and women:

    Welcome to the world of the Porsche Design Group. The world that has always been driven by its passion for innovation and thus always remains timelessly young. A world of the highest perfection and precision - designed by the legendary Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See and Berlin. Realized with carefully chosen production sites, especially in Germany, Italy and from our Porsche Design Timepieces AG in Switzerland.

    A world where directional new materials, innovative technologies, and fine functional elegance are combined with an exclusive contemporary design with a particular quality - by challenging the traditions with a clear goal: the performance, comfort and health of the makers of today and the leader Of tomorrow: In business, in leisure, in sports and at home. Some call the luxury? We call this concentration on the essentials.



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